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OBVProt | Protein

OBVProt | Protein

  • Increases Energy
  • Maintains a feeling of satiety
  • Accelerates muscle building
  • Promotes faster recovery
  • Raw material for the formation of collagen
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Protein with high absorbability, a pure mixture of the highest quality milk protein and dietary fiber, which is an excellent start to the daily morning, during the night the human body has used all its reserves. OBVProt's uniqueness is that its composition is similar to human mother's milk, which makes it particularly easy to absorb.

How does OBVProt help you?

  • Maintains satiety and helps easily control appetite;
  • For muscle building - suitable for all age groups; 
  • Raw material for collagen formation, beautiful skin and joints;
  • Excellent source of natural calcium;
  • Source of natural B vitamins;
  • Encourages the body's natural antioxidant production.


Composition (1 packet)

cow milk protein concentrateB - 7.8g, native whey protein isolateB (from milk) – 9g, galacto-oligosaccharides (obtained from milk lactose)-3g, sunflower lecithin-0.2g.

Energetic and nutritional value. 100 g of the product contains:

Energy value

1465 KJ/350.12kcal


1.5 g

including: saturated fatty acids

0.1 g


19.01 years

including: sugars

3.0 g


15.01 years


73.65 g


0.35 g

A – Ultrafiltered and processed at the lowest possible temperature to prevent protein denaturation and preserve the natural properties of milk proteins; contains 80% micellar casein and 20% whey protein, as well as biologically active protein fractions, in the same ratio as in milk.

B – obtained from 100% cow's milk (not from the by-product of cheese or curd production - whey), processed at the lowest possible temperature, thus preserving the natural fractions of whey proteins - 60% β-lactoglobulin, 20% α-lactoglobulin, 10% immunoglobulins, 0.30% blood serum albumin, <0.01% lactoferrin.

How to use?


It is recommended to take 1-4 packets per day, as an additional source of protein and fiber, adding the contents of the packet to a drink or food.

  • Recommended to be used daily for children from the age of 12 and for adults 1-2 times a day.
  • Usage for heavy work and intensive physical exertion 2-4 times a day.
  • For intermittent fasting, one time breaking the fast and the other once at the last meal of the day.
  • For seniors 2-4 times a day.


  • With water - first pour the contents of the packet into a cup or glass, add warm (not hot) water and purposefully mix with a spoon for up to 1 minute until the product has dissolved. A spoonful of cinnamon can be added to taste.
  • Blender - blend together with 200-300 ml of milk or water.  Avocado, banana and berries can be added to taste.


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Very good product, after using it for a month I have more energy, better feeling of well-being and also very happy that in our family these proteins are suitable for a person with cow's milk intolerance

Livija Berziņa / verified

A source of protein and fiber

A source of fiber and as a substrate for beneficial intestinal microflora, which increases energy

Promotes muscle mass growth, helps maintain existing muscle mass and provides support for bone health

Maintains appetite control and supports the digestive system

Promotes collagen, which is essential for bone , for the health of the skin, blood vessels and body organs

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Man ir pamatotas aizdomas, ka, lietojot OBVProt, man mazāk sāp locītavas. Vai tiešām tik īsā laikposmā iespējams šāds efekts? Paldies par to, ka LV var iegādāties tik kvalitatīvu produktu!

OBV Prot

Patīkams, neitrāls kā piedeva.Dod labu sāta sajūtu, lietojot no rīta. Sajūta, ka uzlabojas ādas tonuss, tāda "gludāka" tā kļuvusi.

Anda Straume

OBVProt | Pilnvērtīgs olbaltums ar šķiedrvielām | Jauna granulēta forma


Jutu imunitātes nostiprināšanos laikā, kad apkārt bija saaukstējušies tuvinieki. Liels padlies!

Pozitīva pieredze - lielisks risinājums saldumkārei.

Produkta lietošanas rezultāts tiešām ir tāds kā tā ražotāji to paredzējuši. Nezinu kā tas rezultēties ilgtermiņā, bet 2 nedēļu laikā kopš lietoju, saldumi neprasās, žēl iet garām konditorejai, jo neko negribas. Lietoju gan OBVProt atsevišķi, gan kopā ar škiedrvielām , pa 1 paciņai. Tik labs, ka uzdrošinos to dāvināt arī mammai.