Everything ingenious is quite simple

Valens Nutri is a personalized nutrition company that will tell you about the latest nutrition issues, preventive medicine, and develop, manufacture and market products that will help you be strong, healthy and great in simple, understandable language.

  • Strong

    Strong from the smallest cell to the largest muscle.

  • Healthy

    A healthy body and a free mind make choices that will help you stay healthy in the long run.

  • Great

    Wrapped in the cloak of knowledge - to be great in everyday life.

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Created for you!

My name is Ansis, I am a nutritionist, nutritionist and founder of SIA Valens Nutri. I know everything I eat, but I don't eat everything I know. And I want you to know enough to understand what empowers you and what takes it away. I truly want you to be healthy in body and mind so that you can make choices that will help you maintain and strengthen your long-term health. Be strong, be healthy I give you the cloak of knowledge - I can't put it in your place, it's your choice to be strong, healthy and great to yourself.

SIA "Valens Nutri" has concluded an agreement with LIAA for receiving incubation support under ERDF project no. "Regional business incubators and creative industries incubator".